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Ferocious Fear

by Azhagu Meena

I didn't know who you were!

You looked weird!

I was terrified by your sight!

I tried both fight and flight!

You showed me all your might!

Helpless, I pushed myself into a pathetic plight!

I continued to run, you continued to chase!

Terrified and exhausted, I surrendered to you!

With no option left, I had to feel you!

Embrace you! See you and hear you!

When I finally did that with complete devotion,

You started speaking to me!

You asked me to prioritize "myself" over everything,

a luxury which I had denied all my life!

Oh my fear,

you are now my dear!

You made it all clear!!!

Meena is a second year PhD student at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto and a mother of an energetic toddler! In the research front, she is interested in the mental health information behavior of new mothers, and decolonial approaches to knowledge production. In her free time, she loves to cook, explore nature, dance and sing! She can be reached at azhagumeena17@gmail.com.